January 06, 2022

Bird Trussing

By Kindor
Bird Trussing

“Roasting a chicken is as classic as it gets, in terms of kitchen or dinner staples. When roasting chicken, or any poultry for that matter, we tend to approach the hurdle of an evenly cooked bird.

Through French tradition, the idyllic style of trussing has eliminated those factors; allowing us, with this simple technique to ensure an evenly cooked chicken, every-time.

Through traditional roasting methods, we tend to find the breast meat over cooked, and the leg meat still needing a little longer. Without the trussing method, hot air is allowed to enter the breast cavity, acting as a furnace, resulting in captured heat, without the leg meat receiving similar attention.

Trussing allows the wings and legs to be brought into the frame of the bird, closing that entrance, developing a tight sphere like shape, resulting in an evenly cooked, more succulent moist roast chicken.” -Nick our local butcher.