Kindor is for a slower, more thoughtful way of life. We are conscious of our impact on people and the planet, our responsibility towards both is reflected in what we do. We have adopted a slower and more thoughtful design process, only creating a new collection of prints (with a few new products) once a year. This ensures we take our time to research new sustainable methods, stop and enjoy the process, and revel in our love of textiles and pattern to create timeless pieces for our homes.

The Kindor ethos is simple. To make beautiful textiles for the home, using the best materials, with the least impact on the environment.


Organic Fabrics

Kindor uses organic linen grown and harvested in Belgium and is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textiles Standard). GOTS is not only about how the plants are grown but also working conditions, pay, and stringent health and safety standards that need to be met.



The Kindor studio is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It is here all designs are dreamt and created, all artwork is drawn and translated into patterns, all fabrics are screen printed by hand and all Kindor products are made and sewn.



All our packaging (from swing tags to mailer boxes) is paper based made from recycled materials and is recyclable or compostable. 



Our exclusive prints designed in house are printed using water-based, solvent free (also meeting gots standards) printing pastes.


Small Batch

Our seasonless collections are made in small batches to ensure we only produce to demand to reduce excess stock and minimise waste.



We spend a good deal of time sourcing organic trims to ensure our products are entirely organic, and while it can be challenging to source, we never cut corners. All the trims we use (from thread to herringbone tape) are all (GOTS) certified organic. 



As ethical and organic artisans we take transparency very seriously. If you would like to know more about our practices or processes, or want to investigate our certifications further please get in touch via