January 06, 2022

Tomato Relish

By Kindor
Tomato Relish

We got our hands on Tara's famous tomato relish recipe, this is a summer must have (that compliments her beetroot relish on a charcuterie board). It never lasts long in our house before we are sheepishly exchanging an empty jar for a full jar.



2kg Ripe tomatoes

2 Large onions

1/2 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp Mustard powder

1 tbsp Chilli flakes

1 cup Cider or malt vinegar

1 cup Brown or raw sugar

2 tbsp Cornflour

1tbsp Minced ginger

1 tbsp Tara’s mixed spice*



1) Cook seeds in oil until mustard seeds pop, and lower the heat

2) Add spices and cook for a further 5 mins

3) Add all remaining ingredients , simmer for 1 hour stirring occasionally

4) Bottle in sterilised jars when cold (option to blend into a sauce or keep chunky)


*Tara’s mixed spice:

 Toast 2 tbsp (each) of cumin, coriander and mustard seeds with 1 tbsp (each) of fennel, caraway and pepper corns. Grind together.