Gippsland Lakes Collection


Humbly nestled on the secluded southeast coast, a place where rugged terrain and wild bushland are greeted by bleached white sand, reflective blue water, and a coastline that stretches a mile without a single footprint visible. Gippsland lakes, in Victoria’s east, holds the heart of Kindor’s latest collection inspired by the connection between land and sea. A place that makes you feel you could be standing on the world’s edge without a soul in sight. As the sea salt air clings to the wild native bushland that shades the sand, it is these elements, with the reclusive beauty that inspires us to bring our home to yours.


Marsdenia Print

The Marsdenia Print is inspired by the land that hugs the coastline of Gippsland lakes. As the branches & leaves dance throughout the clean air, whether a tango from a crisp southerly or a romantic waltz from a gentle breeze, Marsdenia highlights the beauty in colour, scale and shape. Whether it is the rain falling through the winter months, the sun blistering throughout summer or the ground being presented gifts of fallen pedals in autumn, the rainforests and overarching trees of Gippsland Lakes create a humble experience and counterpart to their rough sea neighbor.


Bung Yarnda Print

A true reflection of the ocean's edge comes our Bung Yarnda print. Inspired by the closer connection between land and sea and the beauty within the meeting point. Although native bushland has embraced its sand-edged location for years, it is mother nature's ever-changing landscape that portrays a sense of new beginnings. As the darker shade of green sways, these leaves cherish the dew of the salty sea breeze, as they host shade to the cliff's stairwell cut out down to the sand. With each detail playing its fundamental part, it’s the collective effects with their peers that creates the true beauty that is the shoreline of Gippsland Lakes.